idk what i’m doing

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i don’t wanna do this degree omg
crying about essays isn’t what i want from life u feel

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i’m so!! excited!! !

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The Gallery of Maps in the Vatican presents a intriguing interplay between depictions of fantastic sea monsters, attempts at topographical verisimilitude and trompe l’oeil painting effects. Here, the exactness of science meets the realms of fantasy (as elsewhere in the Vatican) a metaphor perhaps for the relationship between faith and learning. The forty panels were commissioned in 1580 by Pope Gregory XIII and based on the drawings of Italy by the friar and geographer Ignazio Danti. These go beyond straight-forward topography or interior decoration. Many of the maps and scraps of paper are illusionistically painted to look as if they have been pinned to the walls. They introduce a surreal note, and remind us that the playful effects of illusionistic collage begin a long time before Picasso and his contemporaries began pasting and painting collage in the twentieth-century.

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Monet’s Garden in Midnight in Paris (2011)

google we have been through this

so many times

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i cannnnot spend the summer at home again like for real my friend count here is zero

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